21st Century Skills: Entrepreneurial Thinking

What do these people have in common besides being rich?
Oprah Winfrey             Larry Ellison            Estée Lauder
Steve Jobs                  Bill Gates                 Mary Kay Ash
Devin Rose                  Henry Ford              Sir Richard Branson
Mark Zuckerberg        Sarah Blakely

They’re all entrepreneurs. They got to their level of prestige and wealth by using entrepreneurial skills that can be learned by anyone. An entrepreneurial personality is essential for success in the twenty-first century. Think like an entrepreneur so you can excel in your career.

In a Forbes.com article “How to Train Your Mind to Become an Entrepreneur,” author Monica Mehta discusses how to develop entrepreneurial thinking.

What is an entrepreneurial instinct (personality)? It’s the mental toughness that drives you to make something from nothing. It’s a way of thinking that allows you to take smart risks, thrive during uncertainty and bounce back from failure. It’s the reason why a dropout occasionally becomes a billionaire. (Example: As a park ranger, you might find a small cave in a hill for small animals during cold weather.)

Can anyone be an entrepreneur? If you have the willingness and persistence to keep at it when the road gets rough, you can be an entrepreneur. (Example: If you never give up until a difficult customer is satisfied, you think like an entrepreneur.)

What would you say some of the top entrepreneurship traits are? Entrepreneurs take action. They’re flexible and adaptable. They roll with the punches. (Example: As a project leader, you reverse an important decision when you see it was a bad choice.)

Which traits do every entrepreneur have in common? Persistence, optimism and resourcefulness are traits that popped up over and over in interviews with the dozens of successful entrepreneurs for my book The Entrepreneurial Instinct. (Example: You think like an entrepreneur if you believe there are answers to most work problems and you keep trying until you find the answers.)

More information may be found on the internet by conducting a search using the entrepreneurs name. Read about how they made their fortune. To find out whether you are an entrepreneurial thinker, compare your traits to those named by Monica Mehta.